Travology understands you may have many questions before committing to participate with any of our programs or services. We have listed the most frequent asked questions but if there are any other questions please use the

Q- If I have no experience in the travel industry can I join Travology?
A– Yes, Travology offers an opportunity called “Independent Travel Marketer” (ITM) where anyone interested to participate part time or full time can start a career in the travel industry while you learn. This program is simple to make some extra money by referring your family, friends, business associates, or anyone that you meet, to your personalized ITM end consumer travel booking engine website. When anyone purchases commissionable travel, including groups or off-line vacation packages, you make money! It is simple to get started and simple to promote! Who do you know that travels? If booking at Travology is not more expensive than any other online travel websites will your relationships book through you? Yes they will! To learn more about “ITM” click here

Q- Does Travology issue agent ID cards?
A– No, As an IC you can earn industry accredited industry recognized organizations that issue a travel agent ID card based on each organization related policy. We are affiliated with CLIA (cruise line), and IATAN, with both organizations offering certification programs to receive a travel agent ID card. You can visit each organization website to learn more about their specific qualifications.

Q- Is Travology contracted with any GDS?
A– Yes, Travology is contracted with one major GDS company called Sabre and soon Amadeus.

Q- Does Travology offer leads?
A– Yes, those that qualify at the rank of Travel Destination Specialist (TDS) will be eligible to participate with the lead program. Leads are generated through many marketing outlets but we assure that all leads are real and quality.

Q- Does Travology offer an end consumer booking engine website to your agents?
A– Yes, as part of the Travel Agent Business System (TABS) purchase an Independent Consultant  (IC) will receive the ITM end consumer travel booking engine website that you can refer travel to your circle of influence, family and friends, business associates or existing and new clients. Each website is customized with agent information with all transactions tracked using a unique ID number. Each website has password login back office to track business, customer reports, training, and much more. The back office has three level permission access to allow access to advanced tools and systems based on pre-approved levels.

Q- How does Travology pay commissions?
A– Travology pays commissions once per month via electronic payment system. Commissions are paid after the 20th of each month for commissions received by suppliers in the prior month. Travel industry vendors usually issue commissions 60 to 90 days after travel has been completed.

Q- Can agents, at any level, accept or process payment on behalf of their clients?
A– No, due to PCI compliance rules and regulations NO agent is authorized to accept direct funds, collect credit card information, or personal data from any third party or client. All transactions must be processed through secure online electronic invoicing system that each agent must use to process all bookings

Q- Is Travology registered with states that require seller of travel registration?
A– Yes, Travology is legal where agents are conducting business and Travology requires each IC to register their related business in states that require such registration. All seller of travel numbers are listed on the footer of the agent booking engine website.

Q- Is Travology in good standing with all major suppliers or any suppliers Travology cannot represent?
A– No, Travology has a great travel industry reputation based on the founders experience and industry relationships. Travology has access to incredible commission levels, net rate contracts, and VIP treatment that not every host travel agency can obtain. There are no vendors or suppliers blacklisting Travology!

Q- By contracting with Travology as an IC am I restricted from working with any other travel company or host agency?
A– We recommend that you contract with one “host agency” so any earned annual commissions can be applied towards IATAN accreditation. You cannot split commissions with multiple agencies to qualify for IATAN. Any approved TDS is required to only contract with Travology if they participate with our lead program. Travology leads are exclusive property to Travology so we do not allow our leads to be serviced by another host agency.

Q – If I am an experienced travel agent with vendor and supplier relationships, with specific contracts, can I bring those to Travology?
A– Yes, we encourage agents to bring such relationships to the table. Based on our purchasing power and ability to bring more volume to that supplier will only help increase your personal commission level. Let us help you maximize your relationships!

Q- Does Travology conduct conferences and or live training?
A– Yes, Travology has the best culture based on our recognition program, live events, and FAMCations that no other host company offers. Travology conducts an annual travel conference where we provide training from industry suppliers and recognize our top agents.

FAMCations are special trips that combine a FAM experience (discounted travel agent rate) and in-person training related to the travel industry and your business.

Q – Can I earn income recruiting other travel agents?
A– No, we do not allow any IC to participate in our reseller program but we do offer referral customer acquisition points that can be applied to Travology annual conference or FAMCation fees.