If you are new to the travel industry Travology highly recommends that you get educated to advance your business to the highest levels of opportunity with Travology. Travology had partnered with one of the best known travel industry training companies that have produced travel agent, and travel industry curriculum, for colleges, travel industry associations, travel industry consortium’s and travel agencies for over 40 years.

Travology takes training very serious and we suggest that you consider buying these generic Introductory travel agent modules to become knowledgeable to start a travel business with, or without, Travology.  Our goal is to develop the next generation of Travel Professionals, and Travel Destination Specialist, with our blessing for those that are seeking education to pursue an opportunity anywhere in the travel industry. By purchasing these modules you are not obligated to contract with Travology as these modules have no reference to Travology. These modules are created to provide general education that once completed the student can get started in the travel industry with any company.

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