What is an Independent Travel Professional (ITP)?

An ITP is first considered an IC that has purchased the “Travel Agent Business System” (TABS). An ITP is considered to have experience as a travel agent working for a travel agency or as an Independent Contractor for another “host” travel agency. Any ITP candidate must have the ability to effectively and efficiently process customer quotes, generate invoices, and have proven experience interacting with vendors and suppliers.


Must have minimum of one year travel agent processing experience with agency or personal clients.

Agree to background check for criminal and civil action history, or anything related to

  • Criminal convictions for any felony or misdemeanor related but not limited to violence, fraud, identity theft, embezzlement, internet offenses or property theft.

Agree to provide industry history documentation

  • Proof of travel agency employment or independent contractor payment history
  • Copy of industry organization accreditations such as CLIA or IATAN card
  • Copy of any vendor or supplier training certification, awards or recognition

Agree to provide references to validate your experience.

Agree to take and pass the Travology travel agency proficiency exam.

Agree to phone interview with Vice President of Training.

One million dollar E&O insurance policy.

How to get started?

To get started as an IC the candidate must first review and agree to Travology terms and conditions, policies and procedures, refund policy, and commission payout. Next, the candidate must purchase the “Travel Agent Business System” (TABS) that includes technology end consumer booking engine website, Travology training modules, and support to initiate business as an ITM.

ITP candidate must complete the ITP application and pay nonrefundable fee for background check. Once approved then the monthly fee will increase from $39.95 per month to $49.95 per month (extra $10) to cover other licensing fees and second tier permission access to ITM back office. During the approval and background process ITP candidate will be eligible to earn 70% of any automated bookings generated from ITM travel website or any offline travel after commission is paid by supplier to Travology.

TABS Cost:

$359 (technology set up fee) + $39.95 (1st month service, back office and accounting fees)
background check fee dollar amount provided at check-out
*After approved charged following month extra $10 per month (Total $49.95)

Technology includes

ITM personalized end consumer GDS travel booking engine website and unique ID number to track all bookings and related commissions. The technology also includes ITM basic permission back office access for managing their business, basic training and commission reports. Once approved as an ITP, ITP will have access to the highest level permission for accessing advanced tools related to quote process, invoicing, preferred vendor list, vendor and supplier registrations, and possible GDS access based on level of experience and lead program.

ITP earns 70% of related commission the following calendar month after commission received by Travology from vendor.

If an ITP generates non-automated inquiry, such as a group or customized package, then that quote request will be deemed a ”lead” until ITM is approved as an official ITP. Each lead from any ITM website will be assigned to a Travel Destination Specialist (TDS) who will do all the work on behalf of ITM/ITP until ITP is approved to process their own lead. If the lead results in a commission then the TDS will earn 60% and the referring ITM, or non-qualified ITP, will earn 30% of any commission less any processing, or other fees.

Once ITP is approved then it will be expected that ITP will process all leads generated from their personal ITM website or any other marketing methods. If an ITP is not available to process their personal website generated lead, or on vacation, them their lead can be fulfilled though the lead system by ITP activating “transfer leads” link found in their back office.

Review Independent Contractor Agreement
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