Affiliate/Reseller Programs

Travology offers different reseller programs to provide your business an opportunity to market the Travel Agent Business System (TABS). You can participate in the affiliate program or you can become an official reseller.

The affiliate program is simple and easy to get started. You simple complete the affiliate application and if approved you will receive an agreement to market and generate customer acquisition fees.

The official reseller program provides your business the authorization to resell TABS direct to your clients and collect all related fees. Travology will bill your business on the 5th of each month for the prior month activation’s and monthly reoccurring service fee. Your business will be responsible for the merchant processing but your business will receive an incredible wholesale price per TABS sold to maximize your earning potential. Wholesale pricing is based on maintaining certain numbers that will be disclosed on follow up call after submitting the reseller application.

To learn more about participating or to get started please complete the reseller form and Travology representative will contact you to provide more information participating.

This program is NOT available to an active Travology Independent Contractor that is marketing travel  an ITM, ITP or TDS.

Affiliate/Reseller Application

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